Castle Green Today


CG Here and Now

Though the original building on the east side of Raymond has disappeared, the Castle Green continues, proud, unique, fascinating. Visitors note that the years have been kind. The building has an on going restoration program but the facade is virtually unchanged. The interiors breathe the charm of an earlier more leisurely era. Currently, the inside public rooms have been restored to much of the look of 1898. Several of the sitting rooms contain their original furniture and beautiful fireplaces. There is also a warm and inviting sunroom filled with historic wicker and plants. The grand lobby with its mosaic tile floor and marble stairway are breathtaking. And, of course, like any great hotel there is a Palm Terrace Ballroom.

A number of motion pictures and television commercials have been filmed in and around the building. Filmmakers often use the versatile space, sometimes displaying, sometimes disguising the turn-of-the-century elegance visible at every turn.

Today the Castle Green’s public rooms and gardens are available for parties, weddings, receptions, corporate meetings, and reunions; in short, virtually any gathering that would be enriched by the building’s lavish Victorian interiors would find its location on the edge of Old Pasadena convenient.

The Castle Green is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the State Historic Register, and the City of Pasadena’s list of Historic Places.

Over the years the facade of the building began to show its age and needed attention. Pasadena Heritage, a leading historical support group, was able to acquire a grant of $692,000 to start the exterior restoration. Since then a new support group was formed, Friends of the Castle Green, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping restore and maintain this unique piece of Pasadena history.  The Friends raise money through special tours, events and direct contributions. All gifts are tax deductible. The public rooms are available for parties and weddings to help raise money for the continued restoration.

Living at the Castle Green

As you know, the Castle Green is now a luxurious condominium complex, with 52 units privately owned. They are predominantly one bedroom units, carved out of what were once hotel rooms and suites for the very wealthy. They are filled with rare architectural detail and beautiful reminders of their Victorian past.