Castle Green's 125th Anniversary Gala

Presented by Friends of Castle Green 501 (c)(3)

and the Castle Green HOA

for the restoration of the Castle Green domes.


All proceeds are collected by Friends of the Castle Green 501 (c)(3) and are designated for the restoration and painting of the Castle Green domes. 

Auction Items

“I Can Remember Early Pasadena” by Jean Hollingsworth Giddings

This is the first edition of the novel published on January 1, 1949, Mrs. Giddings shares her experiences of life in early Pasadena. Mrs. Giddings moved to the Indiana Colony, now named Pasadena, in 1876. In this book, she shares stories of the earliest settlers, and of the care-free and happy social affairs of the time.

Hardcover, 141 pages, privately printed by Lorrin L. Morrison, end pages illustrated with a map of the Lake Vineyard Water Association.

Refugio Ranch 2018 Barbareno Syrah – Petite Syrah from Santa Ynez Valley

Located in Santa Ynez Valley, the Gleason family produces some of the finest California wines. Notes of blistered plum, green cardamom, dried beef, and elderberry make for a layered nose. It has notes of dark jammy pitted fruit on the nose with a peppery finish. A big wine that can be laid down for years or enjoyed now, your choice.

75% Syrah 25% Petite Syrah


4 Magic Castle Guest Passes

The VIP Guest Card is for up to four guests; it waives the entrance fee for all guests. A dinner or brunch reservation is required, and a credit card is required to secure your reservation.

The Magic Castle, the clubhouse of the Academy of Magical Arts, is private, allowing entrance only to members and their guests, or with a guest pass provided by a member. A typical evening—if there even is such a thing here—features magic shows that range from miracles right under your nose to full stage illusions that stun an entire room. The Castle is full of rare memorabilia and magnificent posters, so there’s a lot to see. There’s also a critically acclaimed full-service dining room and a number of unique bars, each with its own personality, making it easy to find just the perfect spot for whatever mood you’re in. Don’t be surprised to look over your shoulder and find somebody performing a minor miracle. You’ll soon understand why your visit will be one of the most amazing evenings you’ve ever experienced.

Fine Print: To validate the guest card, you will need Tina to sign the back of the card and enter your name. She is here this evening and will be happy to do that before you leave!

Langham Hotel Stay + Spa Package

One night stay in a Deluxe Premier room with complimentary breakfast for two people.

Includes a spa package for Chuan Spa.

Hotel Green Lithograph:

 Desciption: Full scale, archival 125th Anniversary commemorative print on 100% rag paper of a turn-of-the-last century full color lithograph of the Hotel Green complex. 

Fine Print: Framed, approximately 4 feet wide. 

Have Some Pity on an Easterner (Train Station) Print by Kenton Nelson

Limited edition signed Giclee prints of Kenton Nelson’s “Have Some Pity on an Easterner, Left and Right” are available. This was a diptych he painted in 1997. We have printed and released a small edition of only 16 prints of each, so they are very rare and special. Warm, rich colors, and the classic architecture of this train station show a moment frozen in time.

From the artist’s perspective: “These were some of my first figurative paintings, and they are about unrequited love. The main characters are on time, but there has been a confusion as to transportation. In the left panel, the serviceman represents a new possibility of relationship, and in the second panel, the man checks his watch, to avoid temptation. The title was taken from a line of a Gershwin song. The art director of The New Yorker saw the second image in my portfolio, and it became my first cover for the magazine, in 1999.” – Kenton Nelson

Fine Print:

Image size: 14 x 14 inches

Total print size: 19 x 19 inches

Edition size 16

Signed by the artist

Frolic in the Castle Green Salon

Searching for the perfect venue to host your meeting, private party, baby shower, or any event under the sun? Look no further—we have the ideal space waiting for you at Castle Green. From the elegant Salon to the inviting Cocktail Rooms and Sunroom, we offer versatile settings to accommodate your needs and delight your guests.

Our experienced events team is here to collaborate with you, ensuring every aspect of your event is tailored to perfection. Whether you envision serving light appetizers or indulging in a fully catered affair, we stand ready to assist you every step of the way. Let us bring your event dreams to life amidst the timeless charm of Castle Green’s versatile event spaces.

Fine Print: Limit of 20 people total. Access will be limited to the Lobby, Salon, Cocktail Rooms, and Sunroom. Must be scheduled no more than 6 weeks in advance. Scheduling is based on Castle Green availability. Total event hours are restricted to 3 hours. Event must take place within 11 am – 9 pm. You will be responsible for purchasing general and liquor liability insurance – approximately $150.

Castle Green Rooftop Soiree

Elevate your special occasions with an unforgettable celebration at the Castle Green rooftop. Whether it’s a birthday bash, anniversary extravaganza, or a graduation milestone, this space offers the ideal backdrop for intimate gatherings.

Perched atop Castle Green, you’ll be treated to sweeping 360-degree vistas of Pasadena, with stunning views of Downtown on clear days. This exclusive space is a privilege reserved solely for Castle Green unit owners, making it a truly unique locale in town.

Imagine savoring the sunset and basking in the panoramic scenery—a once-in-a-lifetime experience that promises to leave a lasting impression. Our dedicated Events Team is at your service to tailor every detail of your event, from tantalizing appetizers to sumptuous desserts, or even a fully catered meal—your preferences guide the way.

Fine Print: Limit of 6 people total. Access will be limited to the Lobby and Rooftop. Guests will be able to take the elevator to the Rooftop. Must be scheduled no more than 6 weeks in advance. Scheduling is based on Castle Green availability. Total event hours are restricted to 3 hours. You will be responsible for purchasing general and liquor liability insurance – approximately $150.

Enjoy the melodies of yesteryear with songstress Janet Klein and her Parlor Boys. 

Then put on your dancing shoes, grab a partner, and dance the night away with Alex Mendham and his Orchestra. 

Hors d’Oeuvres, Cocktails, and Champagne 

Earlybird Tickets have SOLD OUT! 

Regular Priced Tickets: SOLD OUT! 


Event Details

Imagine a regal Gala event set within the enchanting grounds of historic Castle Green in Pasadena, California, commemorating its 125th Anniversary. The historic building aglow with the soft hues of the setting sun, welcomes guests to step back in time. The festivities begin with signature Colonel Green cocktails in the Grand Salon, Moorish, and Turkish rooms. A curated exhibition showcases artifacts, photographs, and stories that narrate Castle Green’s journey through the decades, allowing guests to immerse themselves in its rich history.

As the evening unfolds, guests gather in the Grand Salon to be serenaded by Janet Klein and her Parlor Boys and their nostalgic renditions of days of yore. 

Next, the party kicks off in the Ballroom for a musical performance from Alex Mendham and his Orchestra. Change into your dancing shoes and hit that dance floor!

The gala symbolizes not just a celebration of 125 years but a commitment to preserving and cherishing Castle Green for generations to come. This gala becomes not only a glamorous event but also a heartfelt tribute to a beloved landmark that has stood as a witness to the passage of time in Pasadena.

Tickets include:

  • Exclusive access to the entire ground floor of Castle Green.
  • 1 – hour performance by Janet Klein & her Parlor Boys
  • 3 – hour performance by Alex Mendham & Orchestra
  • 2 beverages included in the ticket price
  • Hors d/Oeuvres & confections

Dress code is sharp vintage or your best gala! 

Friends of the Castle Green

The Friends of the Castle Green is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) which raises money to perform restoration of the historic fabric of Castle Green to the standards of the Secretary of Interior. As a non-profit, their mission revolves around maintaining the architectural and historical integrity of Castle Green and fostering community engagement with this landmark.

Non-profit organizations like the Friends of the Castle Green play a crucial role in the conservation of historic sites. They work to raise awareness about the historical significance of the building, secure funding, and undertake restoration projects to the building. 

The Friends of the Castle Green organize our Spring tour at the Castle each year. This is a special occasion where we open the doors to the public to learn more about the history of the building and soak in its magic.

Recently, the Friends of the Castle Green organized the restoration of the glass lampshades located on the Veranda and in the Sunroom. The group collaborated closely with a world-renowned glass artist to create exact replicas of the originals that hung from the ceiling over a 100 years ago.

Friends of Castle Green

Upcoming Projects and Goals for Restoration.

The restoration of historic buildings holds immense importance in preserving our cultural identity and architectural heritage. These structures serve as tangible links to the past, telling the stories of past eras and the people who shaped them. Beyond their aesthetic charm, historic buildings contribute to the character and sense of place in communities, fostering a connection between generations. By safeguarding historic structures, we ensure that the unique narratives embedded in these buildings endure, offering a window into our shared history for future generations. The restoration of historic buildings is, therefore, a commitment to cultural continuity.

As we celebrate our 125th year, we are working towards the goals of restoring and repainting our domes at the top of our Bridge and rooftop. All proceeds from the Gala will go towards this goal. 

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