Raymond Railway Removed

In 1940 Pacific Electric removed the rails on Raymond in front of the Castle Green.  Due to increased automobile traffic and the beginning of freeways, PE’s multiple car trains coming and going from Pasadena, Sierra Madre, and Monrovia/Glendora local services were all cut in 1941.

After Hotel Green

Photo of the Castle Green after the Hotel Green was torn down in 1935.

Pacific Electric Cable Cars

Pacific Electric cable cars with Hotel Green in the background. During the 1920s Pacific Electric’s profits were good and the lines were extended to the Pasadena area, to the beaches at Santa Monica, Del Rey, Manhattan/Redondo/Hermosa Beach, Long Beach in Los Angeles County and to Newport Beach and Huntington Beach in Orange County. Extra service beyond […]

Bridge Reduced

In 1929 the Bridge connecting to the main Hotel Green was torn down as it was no longer necessary and due to traffic flow.

Cooperative Apartments

Castle Green is established as cooperative apartments, opening it’s doors to long-term residents.

The Cubs visit the Hotel Green

President William Vieck of the Chicago Cubs will start for Pasadena Saturday night. He will arrange for spring training for the Cubs in Pasadena. Only teams that can furnish competition will be booked, Vierk said. – Los Angeles Herald, Volume XLV, Number 45, 24 December 1919

Out of Luck

“Out of Luck” with Rudolph Valentino was filmed at Hotel Green.

Rose Parade Entry

Hotel Green 1913 Rose Parade entry accompanied by three horseback riders. Tournament of Roses 1913 Official Parade Program identifies the riders of the float as being Geraldine Barry, Edna Hackney, Grace Hackney, Gladys McLachlan, Sara Salvin and Maybel Ayres – Pasadena Public Library